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Travelling is a part of life of each of us. For example, if you don't live in a town where you work or go to school, you have to commute. Travelling could be also a hobby. Lots of young people like to travel through Europe or America or if they are rich around the world. They found new places, new culture, meet new people. A lot of people travel for their holiday for example to sea or to the mountains. Some people travel abroad to learn new language. It is a job for some people, for instance travel agents, managers, professional sportsmen, singers and so on. Some people travel far away from their home because of starting new life in a place where they can be free where nobody knows them and where they can be on their own. Some advantages of traveling are meeting new people, learning about new culture, people appreciate their home more. You realize how little you actually knew about the world, travelling also gives the opportunity to disconnect from our regular life, travelling with family or friends creates memories for a lifetime that strengthen the bonds we have. Disadvantages of travelling are smuggling, we can met bad people, get lost, be murdered, money can be stolen; in dangerous places it is better to have a guide, traveling spoils the nature. Always find some information about the place you want to visit.
There are many ways how to travel. I'll start with environmental friendly ways like travelling on foot, it is the cheapest and healthiest way to travel, it keeps you fit and improves your condition, but it is slow, only for short distances and it can be dangerous when you are alone. Another eco-friendly way to travel is by bike, it is also cheap, healthy, you can go everywhere and stop where you want, but it is slow, very dangerous, you can't have much luggage with you and you can get sweaty when you'd prefer not to, for example when you want to go to work. People can also travel by car. When you travel by car, you can stop whenever wherever, you are independent, and it's quick and comfortable. Some people may say that it is expensive at first, and it is, also you can be the best driver, but you never know about driving skills of other drivers. Travelling by bus is more eco-friendly then travelling by car, it is quite fast, cheap and it has special price for kids, students and old or disabled people, also you can meet new people, although these days it is not that often. Some disadvantages are that it is crowded, dirty, and uncomfortable. There is lack of space, no toilets, no privacy and you need to follow time table. The fastest way is travelling by plane, for long distances, less dangerous and more comfortable, but it can be expensive, there is very strict security. My favorite way to travel is by train, it is fast, cheap and more comfortable, It has more space, more privacy, sometimes sleeping and dining cars, toilets and it is less dangerous that bus. The biggest disadvantage is that trains have delays, not only few minutes, even hours.
When you travel abroad, for example on holiday, you need to have your ID, passport, visa, currency and some basic things like clothes, hygiene, including toothbrush, soap, towel and so on. People have many choices where to stay. It really depends on where you go. You can stay in hotel, hostels, Airbnb, caravan or campsite.
I'm not really fan of travelling, maybe because I have to commute to school every day. I live in small village and everything is quite far from me. I usually travel twice a year to Prague and couple times a year to Czech sight. When I was younger, about 4 years, I was in Croatia, but I don't remember anything. Four years ago I visited Italy with my classmates.

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