Sports and I

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Sports and I

I want to start with why people practice sports. People practice sports because they want to stay healthy and fit, they want to make some new friends or meet new people. Some people are using sports to find their life purpose. Sports are the source of recreation, or at least they can turn your grey stereotypical life into more active and colorful life. Also sports can show us how to be fairer and team player. Some sports can be done professionally and there is a lot of money going on. Some players cost their teams millions. There are some places where people practice sports, for example gyms, football field, basketball field, tennis court, athletics tracks, swimming pool, rugby pitch and also outside, in woods, on field or on their own gardens. It really depends on what type of sport you practice. We can divide sports into some categories and I would like to name some. Winter sports are skiing, snowboarding or biathlon. Summer sports are for example athletics, golf or volleyball. Outdoors sports are baseball, rugby or football and Indoors sports are table-tennis, gymnastics or chess. Social sports are all team games and single sports are chess, golf or gymnastics. We also divide sports by equipment we use, for example ball games. Also I could mention Water games, like water polo or simple swimming and Martial arts like karate and kung fu. There are also some sports events during the year, for example Wimbledon, World Championships, World Cup, NBA, and NHL.
Now the most famous sport event is The Olympic Games. They are held every four years, they have their summer and winter parts which change once every two years. Symbols of Olympic Games are Olympic Games flag (with five connected circles symbolizing each continent) and Olympic fire (which is lighted in Greek Olympia and moved to the city in which the Games are taking place). Winter Olympic Games were held in South Korea in Pchjongčchang, and they will be held in China in Peking in 2022. Summer Olympic Games were held in Brazil in Rio de Janeiro in 2016 and will be held in Japan in Tokyo in 2020. I usually don't watch Summer Olympic Games to be honest, there are too many disciplines, but I kind of like watching the Winter Olympic Games. I like watching biathlon, curling, figure skating, ice hockey, speed skating and short track speed skating. My favorite speed skater is Martina Sáblíková, I've been watching her success since I was ten years old. Also I like our new star, Ester Ledecká.
As for typical British sports I should mention Cricket, Golf, Badminton, Rugby, Football and Curling. When it comes to American sports, I can think of Snowboarding, American football, Skateboarding, Baseball, Rugby, Basketball, Motor racing and Ice Hockey (mostly in north). And Czech sports are Football, Ice hockey, Tennis and Volleyball.
My attitude to sports isn't all that great. When I was younger I tried many sports, I played football for two years, hockey for one year and I tried to do gymnastics, aerobic, street dance and so on. As for winter sports, I tried skiing and snowboarding and when I was younger I was playing in snow with my brother. We were sledging next to our house. Now I would like to do some sport, but I think I don't have time for it. Once a year, always in January, I workout, lose some weight and then I give up. It's my routine every year. But I can't say that I hate sports or something like that, I would like to practice some sport in the future. One of my favorite is swimming. I would like to have something like a routine and twice a week visit some swimming pool. I also like dancing a lot. That's something I'm trying to practice daily, but I usually have time only once a week.

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