My Interest in Art and Mass Media

30. března 2018 v 9:00 | Another |  Maturita Anglický jazyk

My Interest in Art and Mass Media

I would like to start with Art. There are various kinds of art, for example Visual art like drawing, painting, sculpture or photography, Literature, Music, Performing art like dance, cinema, theatre, ballet or concerts, martial art and applied art like architecture or types of designs. People can enjoy art almost everywhere; even walk around the city can be full of art. Some typical places are galleries, museums, operas, cinemas, theatres or concert halls. In Prague we have National Museum situated on Wenceslas Square, National Gallery and National Theatre situated next to The Vltava River. As for London, there are many museums and galleries. National Museum, National Gallery and National Theatre are of course famous but I would like to speak about Science Museum or The Royal Albert's Hall. Anyways, there are many cultural places to visit in London. Famous places in New York are Metropolitan Opera, Carnegie Hall or Museum of Modern Art.
I live in a small village called Dubina and there isn't much cultural life. We have one Dvořáková Restaurant and there are some balls during winter and in summer there are some concerts. But I wouldn't say it is something special. In Karlovy Vary it is much better when it comes to cultural life; there are galleries, museums, cinemas and clubs. Also in Ostrov, there is Cultural house and new club called Experiment. It is special project of Hecht's brothers. They have this goal to bring young people back to Karlovy Vary region and to give them some cultural experience.
I personally love movies and series. I love series with just simple humor and real situations. For example sitcoms like The Middle, 2 Broke Girls or How I met your mother. But my all time favorite series are made pro CW productions; they make superhero series and historical series, including series like Arrow, Flash or Vikings. Another great series maker is Netflix; I love the show The House of Cards with Kevin Spacey as Frank Underwood. He's manipulating everybody to get some good post in American government.
As for Mass media, I think it is important to have at least some information about what's going on in the world. It is not difficult to use them; mostly the ability to read and listen is enough. There are few types of mass media. The oldest type is written media, like newspapers and magazines. British newspapers can be divided into broadsheets and tabloids. Broadsheets also called quality papers contain important and serious news, the example is The Times. Tabloids also called popular papers are full of stories about famous people, gossip, they have usually large headlines and many colors, and the example is The Mail. The main problem is that due to newspaper, forests are being cut down. But it has a history and it is better to see someone reading newspapers then just looking into their smart phones. Another type is the radio; you can do basically anything with a radio turn on. Even if you are driver, you can just listen to news on your favorite radio station. Another type is Television, I don't know how much trustworthy are news in television. I mean some of them can be trusted, like CT1, CT2 or CT24. But some are just full of commercial things; Nova and Prima are good examples. However, television can really damage your eyes. But these days more popular are social media. Those websites like Facebook, Youtube or Twitter are basically new virtual newspapers. I would like to say some pro's and con's in general. It is important to stay in touch; even the weather news can save your life. But the problem is that through media, people can be manipulated. It can create false expectations about the life.
My attitude to mass media is quite neutral. I don't search the news, but I hear or read something on daily basis. I like to listen to radio when I'm commuting to school, read some articles, when I'm bored. I don't really like social media, even though old people think that it is young people's life purpose. I don't like it, because it is annoyingly filled with hoaxes or fake news. The only reason why I have Facebook is messenger. It is cheaper that send 100 texts during one day. I would like to think positively about the future, but I'm not sure about how the future will look. I mean, these days everybody is testing Virtual reality; there are ideas that we will have a small computer in our eyes. Maybe it will be great bright future, but we'll see what the future brings us.

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