My Home and My Family

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My Home and My Family

Firstly I would like to introduce my family. I have to divide my family into immediate family and extended family. When it comes to my immediate family, I would say it is as regular or normal as it can get. It consists of my parents and their two children, me and my brother. My father's name is Peter, he's 59 years old. He's bit too old for being dad, but he's also a grandfather already. The reason for that is that my dad used to have another family before. He had wife and two children, daughter Michaela and son Peter. But it wasn't working so he got divorced and few years after that started new family with my mum. However he's really vital for his age, he doesn't even have grey hair. As to his appearance, he's relatively fit looking guy. He has long black hair and surprisingly it looks good on him, he still gets compliments on how well he looks. The reason for his long hair is that since he was child, he was inspired by Indians, and during communism era, he had to cut his hair, so after revolution, he decided to let it grow. Not only his hair but also his face doesn't match his age. Everybody who tries to guess his age usually missed the actual age by making him 10 or 15 years younger than he is. As for his character, he's hard working and he's trying to learn something new every day. His day mostly consists of his work on postal service, his work at home and some documentary show. He's also smart when it comes to finances, he managed to never get the family in debt and always have plenty money saved if any disaster happens. He worked for 24 years as a driver for one brewery in Karlovy Vary, which included a lot of heavy lifting of all the barrels and crates full of beer. That's why he gained enormous muscle figure. However for last 9 years he works as a driver for postal services, which is basically the same but without the heavy lifting. As for hobbies, well his hobby is working. Around the house, watering garden, feeding animals, repairing anything that might be damaged, mowing the grass, we have quite huge land behind our house, so everything took a lot of his free time. Recently my brother showed him some superhero movies like Marvel and DC, and I think it became one of his hobbies as well. My mother's name is Martha, she's 47 years old. She's a bit heavier person due to some medical conditions. She has red hair, medium length. She was quite healthy most of her life, but in her 30's her hips and back started to hurt, nobody really knows why it happened, but due to that, doctors found out that she has osteoporoses. It was too late, she already had two surgeries and she's waiting for another. Even though she could be mad and hateful, she's really optimistic and funny person. She tried many jobs; she worked as a shop assistant, as art teacher in Kyselka, she tried to have her own grocery shop, but it wasn't working. Today she works in Security Company. And my brother Michael, he's 22 years old. It is easy to remember his age because he is three years and three days older than me. I must say that we are not very close. He lives in our house, but he's acting like some stranger. He's not talking to me and dad, only talks to mum, because they are both working for the same company. He is tall and he has muscular figure and dark brown hair. I don't know what to say about him, as I mentioned, we are not very close. I would say that he likes to play computer games a lot, sometimes about 20 hours in row. As for my extended family, it is quite big, because my father had three brothers, the oldest died few years ago and now he has two older brothers and my mum has two older brothers, one younger brother and one younger sister. Every single one of them have at least 2 children. I have many cousins and few of them I've never met.
As for our house, we live in medium sized detached house in small village in Dubina. Our family lives there for decades. The house is yellow which surprisingly isn't that bad how it sounds. I quite like living there, because we don't need to pay for water. I don't really know why, but I think it has something to do with Kyselka's Mattoni mineral water. As I mentioned before we have huge land behind our house and many apple trees, also my dad loves to produce his own food on our garden. That's quite good as well. As for my ideal home, I thing I would like to have also some detached house, maybe smaller, or some bungalow. I would like to have a dog and a cat, some chicken on the garden, for free eggs and also some quite place on the garden for my reading or working.

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