Karlovy Vary Region

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Karlovy Vary Region

The Karlovy Vary Region is an administrative unit of the Czech Republic, located in the westernmost part of its historical region of Bohemia. It is named after its capital Karlovy Vary. It's the third smallest region in the Czech Republic right after Prague and Liberec Region. It takes only slightly above four percent of the whole Czech Republic. When it comes to population, it's the least populated region with only 300 000 people. Highest peak is Klínovec Mountain with its 1 244 meters which is a part of Ore Mountains. The region is divided into three districts with three district cities: Cheb district, Karlovy Vary district, Sokolov district- all three of them have similar population. The region is world famous for its spas, including Karlovy Vary and Mariánské lázně.
The spa makes use of 12 of the total of 60 springs, which temperatures ranging from 42°C to 72°C. The Geyser Colonnade (Vřídlo), the temperature of which is 72°C, spurting in a modern covered room, in the hottest spring in Karlovy Vary. Legends say this particular spring was discovered by Charles IV himself, when he was hunting in the area. The Market Colonnade, made of timber with carved ornaments in 1883 is slightly colder. The monument Mill Colonnade, designed by architect Zítek in 19th century is the most beautiful of the Karlovy Vary colonnades. It is designed in the Neo-Renaissance style with 124 Corinthians columns and a cassette ceiling. Many people seek the mineral waters of Karlovy Vary because of its healing powers. The springs positively affect any digestive medical condition or problems with metabolism. People who recover there from illness of the digestive system and glands have many places where they can spend time waiting for the next procedures. They can see many churches; visit the gallery of the 20th century Czech Art, walk along the colonnades or make a short trip to the surroundings hills, to see the lookout towers and viewpoints. Two cableways go up the hills from the Pupp Hotel or from the Imperial Sanatorium. The town is well-known not only for the springs, but also for the world famous Moser Glass and Porcelain Works and the distillery producing the Becherovka herb liqueur.
The region is well-known for its spas and is responsible over half of the county's spa industry. Twelve spas can be found in the city of Karlovy Vary alone. Other famous spa towns in the region include Františkovy Lázně, Mariánské Lázně. Lázně Kynžvart a Jáchymov. The spas are visited not only by Czechs but by people from the rest of Europe, Russians, Germans, Arabs as well as people from the USA. Karlovy Vary spa wafers, a food item from the region, was awarded protected designation of origin status by the European Commission in 2011. The water from the region is used in locally produced beverages including Mattoni and Aquila from the village of Kyselka. The region is also part of the so-called Black Triangle, an area of heavy industrialization and environment damage on the three-way border of Poland, Germany and the Czech Republic.
In Karlovy Vary region is served by Karlovy Vary airport, which handles on average more than 100 000 passenger each year. The region is also home to two other airports, neither of which are used for passengers flights. These are Cheb Airport, the oldest airport in the country, and Mariánské lázně Airport. The region lacks any motorways. The unfinished D6 expressway passes through the region, linking Cheb and Karlovy Vary to Prague. There are also operating railway lines with several railway stations. The length of operated railway lines in the region is 493 kilometers.
As for cultural events, I should talk about International Film Festival undoubtedly the most significant social and cultural event.
In Karlovy Vary there are many places to visit, for example Stag/Deer Jump which is a freely accessible lookout viewpoint. The wooden arbour on a rock bill near Jelení skok (Deer Jump) directly above the spa centre is probably the oldest lookout structure in Karlovy Vary. The arbour was built in 1804. Not that fast from the Deer Jump is Daina outlook tower, the best view of the city. If people are interested in seeing street artists, they should totally see City park. A great looking buildings in Karlovy Vary are Church of Saint Mary and Russian Church of Saints Peter and Paul.

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