Health and Healthy Lifestyle

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Health and Healthy Lifestyle

It is important to know at least some basics about healthy lifestyle. Everything starts with food. The right food can make your life much better, healthier. People should eat fresh fruit and vegetable, low fat diets, unrefined carbohydrates, and so on. It includes avoiding food that is bad for you like refined carbohydrates, fatty food, sugar, and alcohol and so on. People should also eat regularly, 5 times a day, small portions. Try to stay away from fast food. Also regular exercise is an important part of healthy lifestyle. Aerobic exercise is good for your heart and your body, yoga has a therapeutic affect and also helps to reduce your stress level and simple workout or running can clear your mind. Which brings me to another thing, people should be able to manage stress. Failure to manage stress effectively can harm your body and affect your relationships with others. Stress can also lead to alcohol or drug addiction. Also you can't be healthy if you're depress and unhappy, our body is controlled by the greatest computer, our brain, and it works the same like normal computer, you have to take care of it and clean it. Next important thing is sleep. People should sleep at least 7 hours. If you go without sleep for a period time, every area of your life will be ultimately affected. Also avoid smoking and drinking alcohol, of course completely forget about some drugs. These are some tips to stay away from illnesses. Some common illnesses are fever, flu, cough, cold or sore throat. Most of these illnesses can be cured in one or two weeks. But there are also many serious diseases; I can classify them into groups, Sexually transmitted diseases like AIDS, dangerous diseases like cancer, cancer can start in almost every part of the body, or some mental issues like schizophrenia or bipolar disorder. There are also stress related diseases like heart attack, stroke and other. Some of these diseases can be cured, but some can't. Every time you feel that something is wrong, or you just feel sick, go and see a doctor. When you are at the doctor's, the doctor asks about your problems. You have to always tell the doctor everything. During the regular checkups, the doctor listens to your heart and breath, measure the temperature and the blood pressure. And if something is wrong, the doctor gives us a prescription. There are some kinds of medicine which can be prescribed, for example pills, syrup, drops, injection and sometimes, if you're not sick, but you have some injury you can use plaster or bandage. You can get all of these in chemist or pharmacy, sometimes even id supermarkets. Vitamins can be bought even in drug stores.
People should also give a chance to alternative medicine. Not for curing their diseases but for prevention it is good. People should try herbal medicine, massage therapy, meditation, aromatherapy or reflexology. I would like to speak about meditation. Some people believe that meditation is only sitting on the ground, having your hand on your knees and having your eyes closed, but it is not like that. Some instrumental dancing or lying in bed is also a meditation. Yoga is also part of meditation. Even something like switching cold and warm baths, lying in snow and reading a book in quiet room is also a part of meditation.
As for what I do to stay fit, well it is quite interesting that I'm still alive and healthy. I eat what I want to eat, no matter how healthy or unhealthy it is. I exercise few days in a year. Only one thing that I think I do right is that I can manage stress quite good. I used to be much stressed, but recently I start with regular meditation and I'm calmer. I'm visiting doctor and dentist regularly. The problem is that I really don't like fruit or vegetable, I don't like exercising and I simply don't want to think about what I eat. I eat what my body asks for. And even though some people would say, that I'm eating only junk food, it is not true, sometimes I have something healthy. I would like to change my attitude to healthy lifestyle and one day I hope that I will be exercising regularly and eating more fruit and vegetable. Maybe reduce the amount of meat I'm eating. I would like to eat more regularly, because I must say that I'm eating once a day, I start in the morning and finish in the evening. I know I should eat less, but I really love food.

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