Eating Habits in English Speaking Countries in Comparison with Czech Habits

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Eating Habits in English Speaking Countries in Comparison with Czech Habits

In the world there are many kinds of meals or eating habits. Eating and cooking are an important part of our lives. As for Czech cuisine I should talk about roasted pork with dumplings and sauerkraut, sirloin with vegetable and cream sauce served with dumplings, whipped cream and cranberry jam or sauce. Another Czech type of dish is slice of meat; it can be pork, beef, chicken, or even fish. The slice of meat is triple coated (another Czech specialty, the coats are smooth flour, egg and bread scrums) and fried. Typical Czech drinks are beer, herbal liquors Becherovka and Fernet and as non-alcoholic drink I can think of Kofola, which is like Coca-cola but not that sweet. Czech people usually don't have breakfast together, because people usually wake up differently, lunch is usually being eaten in some cafeteria in school or work, but Czech people usually have dinner together, in front of TV.
British Cuisine has some typical dishes as well. One famous dish around the world is full breakfast including bacon, sausages, eggs and coffee or tea. Fish And Chip is often eaten like food to go or street food. Sunday roast is really unhealthy food, but I bet it's delicious. It consists of roast beef, roast potatoes, other vegetables, Yorkshire pudding, sausages, stuffing and gravy. Shepherd's pie is a meat pie with topping of mashed potatoes. Great Britain is famous for many various types of whisky; the best are Irish Whisky for example Jameson and Tullamore Dew, and Scotch Whisky Ballantine's or Red Label. Also British people drink a lot of tea. They have tea at 5 o'clock; usually drink is with milk or lemon, with biscuits.
As for American Cuisine, it is very various. Many people from Europe believe that Americans eat only Fast Food like McDonalds, KFC or Taco bell, but it is not a rule. One of the most famous American dishes is some kind of burger with fries and coleslaw. American taste palette is mostly sweet and their famous desert is Apple pie, it is dough filled with apples and caramel. Brownies, chocolate chips cookies, cheesecakes, and so on… These are few of the sweet dots on menu, when people in America come to a restaurant. As for beverages, the most famous is Coca-Cola, or at least that is what Americans prefer. American alcoholic drinks are Jack Daniels whisky, Jim Beam bourbon, Havana club rum and Bacardi rum. And since I'm talking about American cuisine, Mexican dishes are something that doesn't need to be introduced. Chili Con Carne is typical Mexican dish; it is meat, beans, corn, jalapenos, bell peppers, chili powder and some tortillas. Mexican alcoholic drink is Tequila.
As for some healthy eating habits, people should eat more vegetables and fruit, drink more water, cut the amount of sugar in their dishes and reduce fat filled dishes, like fast food in general. People should eat more often fish and completely forget about pork, which is full of fat. As for unhealthy eating habits, I think what most people do is that they ignore breakfast, visit fast food and drink soft drinks. Also even when they want to be healthy they buy those juices filled with sugar and that is completely useless.
As for myself, I usually have breakfast in the morning at about 6am; I have tea and some sweet pastry. Around 10 am I need snack; I have some crackers or yoghurt. At 2pm I have lunch. Lunch consists of 3 parts, part one is soup, like vegetable soup, potato soup, noodle soup, and so on. Part two is main dish; it is usually some meat with potatoes, rice or pasta. Part three is sweet dot, usually fruit. After that, at 5 pm I have second snack, unhealthy one, usually crisps or salted peanuts, or something like that. At 7 pm I have my first dinner, something smaller, like salami and bread or cheese and salami plate. My last meal is around 8pm, it is second dinner and I usually have some type of salad, usually cucumber salad with sour cream.
As for my favorite food, I really like not healthy food, because I won't lie, It is delicious due to that not healthy structure. Even though I don't like sugar that much, sometimes I can have a soft drink like Fanta. I don't like Coca-cola because I think that it is like pure sugar. My favorite not healthy food is pizza. I like pizza with almost every topping, like mushroom, fish, olives, pineapple and so on. As healthy food I like sushi, especially raw fish meat, I love salmon very much, avocado, shrimps and so on. Beverages I like can be also sorted in healthy and unhealthy. On one hand, I love homemade juices or yogurt or milky fruity drinks, on the other hand I need at least one a month Fanta or Kofola for the sugar, since I don't eat sweet and people need at least some sugar to be active. As for an alcoholic drinks, I'm not into beer, I hate it. But I like whisky, bourbons, liquors and some drinks like pinacolada, cuba libre, and so on. I would like to finish this topic with one sentence and that is, that I really love food and I consider myself as a foodie and some people eat to live and I live to eat.

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