Current problems in society

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Current problems in society

There are many problems around the world. I would like to start with problems in Karlovy Vary region. The main problem is that people, especially young people, leave this region and start their careers somewhere else. It is because the average salary in Karlovy Vary region is lower than in the other regions. That is the reason why Karlovy Vary region is considered to be the poorest region in Czech Republic. Also there is one problem and that is no motorway to Prague. We have motorways in Karlovy Vary region, but none of them continues somewhere else, just to Germany. In this part of Czech Republic, some people would say that there is a problem with gypsies, but I would say, that the problem is not with gypsies but with drunken people, drug addicts and aggressive people in general.
As for problems in Czech Republics, I could go on and on for hours. The biggest problem is that most people in Czech Republic still live in past. Even though communism is over for few years now, people still like to do the same things like they used to. Corruption, smuggling and cheating is on daily bases. There is also lack of educated people, because many students leave the country after or during their time in school. Low level of salaries is another big problem; people would rather work in Germany or stay at home and take money from the republic.
I would like to start with problems in society and I'll divide them into some parts. First I'll start with problems between people. The biggest problem is intolerance. People just can't tolerate others, for example racism, homophobia or phobia of other sexual orientations or even vegans and vegetarians and so on. And the hate or intolerance is mutual. Another problem that I want to divide from intolerance, even though it is the same, is religious. These days it is a huge problem. In some Islamic countries, it is still normal that if you say that you don't believe in anything, they will execute you, no matter the age. Another group of problem is political problems, or political conflicts. These days I should mention the conflict between South Korea and United States of America. And the last and biggest group of problems is Environmental problems. The most debate is Global climate change. It is caused by the greenhouse effect-the Earth receives energy from the sun. Some is absorbed by the Earth and some is radiated back into space. But gases in the atmosphere absorb some of this energy. Much of these gases create a "heat blanket" around Earth. Due to factories and cars burning fossil fuels on daily basis, more of these gases (carbon dioxide) leaks into the atmosphere, increasing the amount of the greenhouse gases and warming up the planet. Another problem linked with gases in atmosphere is acid rain. It is one of the Europe and North America's most serious pollution problems. The gases and chemicals in are sent into the air by factories, they are carried for hundreds of miles by the wind. So they fall back to earth, but somewhere else. The acid rain kills fish, flowers and trees. It slowly destroys buildings as well. Another problem is deforestation; the rainforests are often called the lungs of the Earth, but people cut them down for palm oil or to make some space for farms. Another big problem is overpopulation; there are 7, 6 billion people on this planet. It is a problem because there is lack of food, or to be more correct, not everybody can get the food. But we have a solution for this problem; we need to educate people from countries in Africa or Asia, tell them about other choices, about protection from unwanted pregnancy.
My opinion to all this is, that people should really care more about our planet, about peace and about relationships. I think that the most important is to save this planet, even if we change our thinking and stop with wars and intolerance; we need to have a planet to live on. Last part it protection of environment. People should save water and energy, sort the rubbish and use public transport or riding a bike or walk.

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