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Canada occupies the whole of the northern part of North America, except Alaska and many islands, for example Baffin Island, Victoria Island and Prince of Wales Island. It is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean and the Pacific Ocean. Canada is the second largest country in the world, after Russia and its area is about 10 million square kilometers. It borders with the USA and this border is the longest undefended border in the world. Despite its big size, Canada has a small population of about 33 million people.
Canada is constitutional monarchy. The monarch of the UK is the official head of state (Queen Elizabeth II), but has little influence on Canadian politics and is represented by the Governor General, whole role is also symbolic. The political system is based on the British system, there are two chambers: the House of Common and the Senate. The everyday running of the country is carried out by the prime minister and his cabinet.
The country is divided into 3 territories and ten provinces, for example Alberta, British Columbia, Ontario and so on. The capital city is Ottawa, it's located on the borders of Ontario and Quebec and its population is about the same as Prague. The biggest cities are Torronto and Montreal. Other important cities are Vencouver, Calgary and Edmonton, which are famous for their hockey clubs. As to the National flag of Canada, it's known as the Maple Leaf and it's basically a vertical bicolor three band of red, white and red with a red maple leaf in the centre. Canada is English speaking country with two official languages, English and French. The majority of French speaking Canadians live in the province of Quebec, this province even has French political system, unlike the other provinces, which are using the British political system. Canada is known for its variety of animals including wolves, bears, arctic foxes, polar bears, mooses, seals, whales, walruses and of course I can't forget beavers, because beaver is the national animal. National emblem is maple leaf and currency is Canadian dollar. Maple sap is gathered every spring from the maple trees for maple syrup. Canada is also known for its Mounties or mounted police. They wear a red uniform and ride on horseback. Public education is free until the end of secondary school. Universities are partly founded by the government, but students also pay tuition fees.
In Canada there are mostly plains with mountains in the west and lowlands in the south-east. Mount Logan is the highest peak of Canada. Western Canada has many volcanoes and is part of pacific ring of fire, a system of volcanoes found around the margins of the Pacific Ocean. Very important area for agriculture, industry and transport in the Great Lakes System (Lake Ontario, Superior, Michigan, Huron and Erie). The longest river is the river Mackenzie and the most important river is the Saint Lawrence River, because it connects the Great Lakes with the Atlantic Ocean, so it is important for transport and it forms part of the boundary between Canada and the USA. Climate varies because of the large size of the country. It's arctic in the north and mild in the south.
The population of Canada consists mostly of Europeans, 15% Asians and up to 5% of Aboriginal, which are basically the first people who lived there before the colonization. Those include some of the Indians and also Inuits, those are a group of indigenous people inhabiting the Arctic regions of Greenland, Canada and Alaska. People often call them Escymoes, but they don't like being called that way. Because of the climate, most of people live in the south of Canada.
Atlantic Canada possesses vast offshore deposits of natural gas and Alberta hosts large oil and gas resources. As I mentioned, half of the country is covered in green forests, so Canada also produces a lot of wood.
As for some interesting places, the Whistler resort is the largest and most famous alpine ski destination in North America thanks to a couple of spectacular mountains called Whistler and Blackcomb. Niagara Falls is a series of three waterfalls situated on the border of Canada's Ontario and the United States's New York. Although it is often called the Honeymoon capital of the world. Quebec city may be the capital of the Quebec province in eastern Canada, but its French heritage, architecture and language make it appear more like a charming European village. Another interesting place is Banff National Park located in the province of Alberta, the Banff National Park is not only Canada's first national park, but also one of the nation's largest and most visited national parks. The park's breathtaking scenery and wildlife draw many tourists every year. One of Canada's most unique attractions in the polar bear migration that sees these beautiful creatures make their way from land out into the ice in Hudson Bay, near the town of Churchill in Northern Manitoba. This small community opens itself up to tourists each fall. Tours take visitors out in tundra buggies with caged windows for close encounters with the polar bears. The prime viewing time occurs in October or November while the bears are waiting for the water to freeze before heading out onto the ice.

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